Types of Home Inspections

Not all inspections are the same. They vary in regards to when they are done and what is conducted during the inspection. Understanding them can help you to be ready for what is ahead. It can also take the stress out of the entire inspection process.


You definitely want to be able to put your home on the market for a good price! It is a good idea to have a pre-listing inspection done by a professional. They will give you a very good idea about the current condition of your home. This is going to save you time, stress, and upsetting news when you are ready to accept an offer or when you have an offer on the table. This will help you to get the best price, and it also helps your home to sell in less time. Potential buyers are very impressed when a home has a pre-listing inspection for them to review.


The next type of inspection is the pre-purchase, and it is done to ensure the potential buyer has the best possible information before they make the purchase. When such an inspection is conducted, the buyer is more likely to proceed with the purchase as they have peace of mind the home is in good condition. They donít want to make the investment and then realize they made a mistake. They donít want a home that needs one repair after another!

New Construction Deficiency

Many potential buyers have the misconception that a newly constructed home is going to be perfect. That is rarely the case, and why a new construction deficiency inspection is a very good idea. It verifies the quality of the inspection and cuts down on builders cutting corners in order to save some money. Inspections for the building may miss something so you always want to make sure this gets done before buying such a home.

1-2-5-10 Home Warranty

Another inspection to protect buyers from poor quality materials/workmanship is the 1-2-5-10 home warranty. The materials used in various areas of the home are covered for a specific number of years (1,2,5, or 10). Should there be anything identified as an issue and it is still under that warranty time frame, just call the National Warranty Department of British Columbia and they will help get it taken care of.

Quality Building Inspections