Getting your Home Ready for Inspection

When you are selling your home, the process can be different for everyone. When you have an offer from a buyer, it is exciting. Perhaps you are trying to get the home Move-In Certified. Either way, you need to be confident the home is ready for the inspection. When there are issues with an inspection, it will hold up that sell or that certification process. Follow these steps to help keep it stress free!


Take a moment to ensure the inspector is able to do their job successfully. They need to be able to access various elements of your home. This includes the electrical panel, furnace, and the hot water heater. If there is a lock on the electrical panel, you will need to remove it so they can access it.


If you use your attic for storage, it is time to clean it up! This is a common area where the inspection doesnít go well. If you have to use it for storage, make sure items are neatly organized and safely stacked. The inspector will need to be able to get around in the attic so make sure they have a clear path.

Check all Light Bulbs

Go through the home and check all of the light bulbs. If you have a fixture that holds several and one is burnt out, replace it. Otherwise, the inspector is going to document that particular fixture doesnít function like it should. This isnít fair, but that is how the inspection works so you need to remove such concerns from the table.

Check Handrails

Donít be surprised if the inspector shakes your handrails to see if they are sturdy. Take the time to make sure they are securely bolted in place. If they are loose, it can be a safety violation on the inspection report.

Check all Windows

You may not open certain windows on your home often, and that can be why they get overlooked before the inspection. Take the time to check all windows. They need to open and close properly and easily. Any windows that stick or happen to be painted shut will be a negative element on your inspection report for the home. Windows should have screens on them. If the screens are damaged or have holes in them, replace them prior to the inspection.

Furnace Filter

Put a new furnace filter in prior to the inspection, even if it is summer time. If you donít have a new filter ready, take out the old one and clean it. If you leave a dirty filter in there, the inspector can give you poor marks relating to the condition of the furnace. This gives potential buyers the indication it doesnít work like it should.


You may have friendly pets, but they can be in the way during an inspection. Make sure you have them out of the way. Ideally, they should be taken out of the home so they arenít going to be a concern at all. If that isnít possible, consider a kennel that is appropriate for their size. They can remain in it for the duration of the inspection.

Smoke Detectors

Every floor in your home needs to have at least one smoke detector available. Test it and make sure it is in good working condition. If you arenít sure how old the batteries are, play it safe and replace them. It is a good idea to have a carbon dioxide detector close to all bedrooms in the home. Some lenders may even require it. If you donít have them in place, you should add them for your own security as well as for the inspection.


If the home isnít occupied, you still need to have the water and the electricity hooked up. The inspector will need them in order to complete all of the work required. If you have any fireplaces, those pilot lights need to be lit. The water will be necessary for testing of the dishwasher, the washer, toilets, and sinks. The electricity will be needed to test all lighting and the dryer.

Inspection Outcome

Do your very best to get your home well prepared for the home inspection. Try as you may, there will be a few things that are noted and need to be resolved. Most of the time, they are minor issues and simple enough to fix. The inspection should discuss these issues with you before leaving. Take the time to ask any questions so you know exactly how to resolve the issues. Schedule a follow up inspection so they can verify those issues have indeed been taken care of.

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